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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SU Abroad: Muslim Cultures: Historical Diversity and Contemporary Realities

Each year, Syracuse University in New York offers a summer program dedicated to Muslim Cultures in London. "The program combines course work with guest lectures; visits to museums, mosques, and special exhibits; field projects; and study tours to Granada and Istanbul, historic sites of exquisite Islamic architecture."

According to the website:

"Financial assistance totaling approximately $6,000 per student is available for all those admitted to the program. This includes a tuition grant that covers 3 of the 9 credits, and a program fee grant of $1,400 that covers billed expenses for the field study trips to Granada and Istanbul. This award is in addition to individual grants of $2,000 that are available to all students regardless of financial need."

About 50 percent of students who study at SU Abroad centers are Syracuse students. The rest come from over 150 schools and colleges across the U.S.

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Dr.Mohammad Riyaz Ahmed Scholarship Fund

The Dr.Mohammad Riyaz Ahmed Scholarship Fund "helps students, representing various area high schools and colleges or universities, receive scholarships and allow them to use these scholarships at the colleges and universities of their choice. "

Applicants must belong to Muslim community centers in certain cities in Oregon (Portland and some other cities) or specific areas of Washington State (specified on the application).

Preference is given to students studying the following fields: Law, Journalism, Psychology, Counseling, or social work.

Deadline: In 2006, the deadline to apply for this scholarship was in May. Visit the website to obtain more accurate information for 2008-2009.

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